About US...

A Brief History of the Heebee-jeebees

The Heebee-jeebees are a 4-man Canadian comic a cappella quartet formed in 1993 to meet girls, who have over the past 30 years sung thousands of performances, appeared on local, national and international radio, television and print. The group has a reputation for being hilarious, entertaining and extremely talented. The Heebee-jeebees have released nine recordings, all to international recognition including 4 CARA nominations and 2 CARA Awards (the Grammy's of a cappella). They have won the Canadian Championships of Harmony twice, as well as multiple Championships in the USA. They were inducted into the Canadian A Cappella Hall of Fame and have inspired many other groups to form & quit. The Heebee-jeebees continue to impress and entertain audiences across North America and are considered the very best of comedic a cappella entertainment.

Jonathan "J-Lo" Love 

Jonathan Love began his musical studies on piano but soon realized that his voice was his passport.  

After major accomplishments in speech arts as a child, he went on to study English & Drama while singing in a bunch of choirs around town.

  When not managing auditoriums, he is now a professional voice-over artist and instructor with lightning-quick wit and serious writing chops.  

He is the head songwriter, lead baritone, assistant principal chauffeur and kick-in-the-butt delivery man for the Heebee-jeebees!

Chris "Herard" Herard 

Chris Herard has been singing since the age of 7 and he often still sings the soprano notes!  

With years of experience teaching school and judging marching bands, his ability to hear wrong notes continues to drive him crazy in the Heebee-jeebees.  

Surprisingly, in spite of being a brass player for so many years, Chris arguably still has the best ears in the band.  

He is a car guy, the treasurer, high tenor, chauffeur, head recording engineer and sound man of the HBJBs.

Cédric "Sedge" Blary

Cédric Blary's musical career has split his focus in many directions, from Andean music to jazz clarinet and a cappella singing.  

As the only HBJB unable to memorize lyrics, he mostly sings nonsense syllables in a range usually reserved for pigeons.  

Cédric has sung in many choirs, played in many bands and continues to eat, drink and breathe music (which explains his slender build).  

He is the band's pitch-piper, principal bass, backseat navigator and resident punster.

Ken "KennyV" Lima-Coelho

Ken Lima-Coelho was born without a falsetto, so Ken does everything in full voice - including whistle. Now the CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Calgary, Ken was employed at the YMCA & CBC Radio,  but once he left they tore it down. 

His involvements in music have included choir, marching band, and R&B pop before becoming a comedic a cappella enthusiast.  

He is the head of public relations, high tenor, proud visible minority, and principal custom song re-writer of the Heebee-jeebees.